Grounding Palo Santo Sticks


Our Palo Santo sicks come in a bundle of three and are a natural and eco-friendly way to freshen up any room or outdoor space. Made from the wood of the palo santo
tree, these sticks release a pleasant, woodsy scent when burned. The scent is believed to have grounding and therapeutic benefits, many cultures use palo santo as a tool for purification and energy cleansing, making it a great addition to any meditation, journaling, reading or spiritual practices.



Take one stick at 45° and light
it with a candle, match or lighter.
Allow the Palo Santo stick to
burn far 30 seconds to a minute.
then carefully blow it out. Allow
the stick to smolder and release
its scent, adding
a pleasant and
natural fragrance to any room in
your home or office. The smoke
released is believed to have
purifying properties, it is often
used to cleanse the energy of a
space or a person before meditation
or a spiritual practice. Never leave
the burning PAL SANTO
unattended. Relight the stick as
many times as you need.

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