Calming Palo Santo Incense Bundle Sticks

Our 10-pack of Incense sticks has Calming and Soothing notes of warm
amber and soft musk. The scents of warm spices are derived
from the blended combination of sandalwood and sweet
patchouli in addition to the Palo Santo which creates an enticing
and comforting aroma. They present soothing, creamy, and
woodsy scents, and give off a touch of earth.

These are long-lasting/burning sticks and are Hand dipped using
premium-grade fragrance oils. Calm your mind and soul and feel Mother Nature in your room as you go about your day or mindful practices.

NO toxic fumes
1O Burnt after smell
Long Lasting
Nothing but clean premium smooth aroma

Fill your home with a delightfully unique

Add these to your home decor accessories,
your special quiet space, or just keep them
on hand to burn any time.

Please note:
• Be cautious and burn safely.
• Keep out of reach of children, pets &
flammable material.

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