This book has already helped so many people. Here is what some of our readers have to say!



It is hard to say what I enjoyed most about Powerful Mind and Powerful Soul because to me everything goes hand in hand with one another.  With that being said , this could not have come at a better time for me . There was alot of crying while reading.  Given the timing of this I would say I enjoyed chapter 1 the most. Overall , I enjoyed that Sheila included her own life experiences. It lets the readers know that she can relate to them  no matter what life path they are on .


There is nothing worse than trying to read or hear something from someone and you feel they cannot relate/understand you. I think deep down inside we know these things or we hear them in bits and pieces from friends,  family and social media.   I just think we don’t know how to process EVERYTHING being thrown at us . This book helps you actually understand everything and it has all been put into “little compartments”  to make things seem more manageable to the reader.   


I did gain a new perspective about Mindfulness and Self-Healing.  This may sound bad , but most of the time I am one of those people about to read or hear something about Mindfulness or Self-Healing and right away think.... I know all of this , I tired it and it doesn’t work for me .. I am not one of these people that are meant to have peace in my life .


I always feel like I am the one giving peace to others.  And I just accept things for the way they are and go about my life as is . Sadly.  This book changed my perspective on how long something should take to be healed or better.  I always want it now and after reading this book , I understand that things don’t happen overnight for anyone , not just me.  And that we have to practice things daily in order for them to become what we need and want to be happy.  I just hope I can keep this perspective fresh and clear in my head.   


I ABSOLUTELY recommend Powerful Mind Powerful Soul to anyone , regardless of their age , sex or situation . You never know who’s life a simple phrase from this book could change !   


I have known Sheila for over 10 years now.  At one time we would see each other everyday and we had been through some really highs and lows together.  Even  though geographically we have been apart and don’t talk alot, I still consider her to be  a close friend and a huge part of my life .  As long as I have known her I have always known that she was special.   


Sheila and I met in the figure skating world. Our girls skated together . If anyone know about elite sports , they know that it is emotionally and financially draining.  As parents all we have is each other because no one outside of that world could understand that life.  Just like anything else... it’s still hard to know who to trust .  I always knew that I could trust Sheila  and she always kept her word .


Sheila was always the positive one.  I was always the negative one . She always tried to get me to see the positive side of a situation .  I often wondered how she could be so positive when she also had her own struggles going on.  She had a vision of something and I think  mixed in with all of that positive energy was a bit of hope and faith and that is what kept her going .  She knew there was more out there and she was going to find it. Here we are years later and she is telling her amazing story . She is proof that this information she has provided in her book works  !   I am so proud of her !!!!




What I enjoyed about the book it was very uplifting, a wonderful way to start the day, very positive, definitely a read over and over book, changed my mind frame and habits, very powerful, and life changing! I did gain a new perspective about the book. Having a book like this I’m my possession will be life changing and I can’t wait to try all the exercises at the end of each chapter. I absolutely would recommend this book. This book should be in every home, coffee table, classroom, library and store! This book is for all ages! Great read! I loved the quotes and how relatable it is. At times I felt like she was speaking to me personally.




The thing I enjoyed most about the book was that it was an easy read with lots of information  and it kept me interested the whole time! I also loved hearing the authors personal stories as well!


As far as my perspective goes, I’m a pretty mindful person. However, My perspective on self healing has changed in such a positive way.


Yes, I would recommend powerful mind powerful soul to anyone in my life, but particularly people that are feeling lost.


I have known the author for over 10 years now. Even though the years I spent the most time with her was when I was young, I always looked at her as a positive person that was full of life and faith and it inspired me in so many ways. It doesn’t surprise me that she has become a successful author and continues to try to convince others in a positive way! I’m so happy for her!






In a culture obsessed with “fabulous fakes” and “trash talk”, Sheila’s utterly authentic guide to taking out the “mental trash” empowers us to get back to what really matters in life. The courage to share the highs and lows of her journey to self-love and fulfillment is inspirational and reminds us that regular folks can achieve big things.


Not necessarily a new perspective, but good review of the stuff that works. Especially remembering to silence the incessant squawking of the “poison parrot” in our heads. I would recommend definitely recommend the exercises.


I have had many parallel’s in my own life to Sheila’s experience and I can definitely relate to her as an “every-woman”. You can feel the urgency and passion she has to help others heal and thrive. Sheila is the best kind of coach; honest, affirming and steadfast.