Sheila Vaske is a best selling author, designer/creative, entrepreneur, former CEO of an inspirational brand of jewelry and accessories (V’Enza), and mother of two daughters. Most would describe Sheila (including Sheila herself) as creative, intuitive, and passionate. In addition, she is also considered to be a healer and empath. These qualities are what have driven her to rise above during the most difficult times of her journey. Her lessons are intended to inspire and drive others to do the same in all facets of their lives as well.

Sheila has also been published in 3 bestselling magazines: 

  • Where Women Create – Jan/Feb/Mar 2019 Edition 
  • Where Women Create Work – “A Passion for Success” Spring Edition 2019 – Highlighted as one of 18 Women to be featured for International Women’s Day
  • Where Women Create Work – “Women Working for a Stronger America” Annual Addition 2020 – Featured as one of the Women

  • Through her own experiences, she shares how she has healed herself physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. Sheila is extremely passionate about educating others on how to use the power of their own mind and empower them to implement that ability within themselves to heal their life, health, body, and spirit as well as their careers. 

    Her mission is to reach as many people as possible. In addition to adults, athletes, businesses, and entrepreneurs, she is extremely passionate about reaching out to our youth. They are our future! 

    Sheila is real, raw and genuine. Most of all, she is determined to stop the epidemic of depression and anxiety in our society and teach people how to love themselves, find their purposes, and heal their life through the power of their minds and souls and ultimately thrive!