Intentional Energy Bundle


Welcome to the Full Experience!

This Bundle includes all the tools you need to Ground, Calm and
Cleanse your Energies and Auras. Use them individually or in
combination. However, you desire or whatever your intuition guides
you to do for or at that moment. Whatever the situation, simply be
sure to set the intention you are desiring, and let it go!
And so it is...

Bundle Includes:
Grounding: The Palo Santo Sticks
Energy Absorbing: Selenite Crystal Wand
Cleansing: White Organic Sage
One Turkey Feather: Used with the Sage for
Calming: Long-Burning.Palo Santo Incense

Please note:
• Be cautious and burn safely.
• Keep out of reach of children, pets +
flammable material.

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